There are plenty of examples where people have tried many treatments and have lost faith in the recovery, by reference to the acupuncture got tremendous results.
This therapeutic method has characteristic features and require special skills for its use.
In our health resorts acupuncture used for many chronic diseases and disorders of the life support systems:

  • disease of the central and peripheral nervous system (headache, chronic stress, recovery from stroke, central and peripheral paralysis, etc.).
  • CVD (hypertension, ischemic heart disease, and others.)
  • respiratory diseases and ENT pathology (chronic tracheitis, rhinitis, and others.)
  • locomotor apparatus
  • diseases of the female and male reproductive system
  • Pediatric: nocturnal enuresis, and others.

There are many methods for normalization of metabolism, immune stimulation, cigarette smoking, weight loss, and others.

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