Treatment base

ATTENTION! Resumes account underwater traction.

Clinic and diagnostic center is located in the administrative and medical building and allows more than 30 modern physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation procedures.

Stages of treatment:

On the base of the sanatorium “Ozerny” is performed sanatorium stages of treatment.

- Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
- Respiratory diseases;
- Diseases of the peripheral nervous system;
- Diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
- Diseases of the genitourinary system;
- Obesity;
- Obesity in combination with other diseases;
- For the clients of the sanatorium (living 12 days or more), MRI study in Grodno (for a fee). if necessary, can be organized in 1-2 days. On the testimony paid consulting physicians of any specialty in teaching hospitals of Grodno, GSMU can also be organized.

Modern medical procedures:

Modern physiotherapy and therapeutic rehabilitation procedures:

-Mud therapy. Using sapropelic therapeutic muds of lake Dikoye, Djatlovo district, Grodno region (sanatorium «Radon»);
- Light therapy: a solarium, a polarized light «Bioptron» laser;
- Thermotherapy: paraffin, ozocerite baths;
- High-frequency and microwave electrotherapy using modern imported equipment and a series of «Fizioterm»;
- Pulse and DC currents of low frequency with the possibility of their combination in a single procedure (the modern German machines’ Fizioterm expert «and combined treatment methods such as vacuum-electrophoresis, vacuum CMT phoresis, SCR phoresis and others;
- Established ultrasound therapy, lymphatic drainage;
- A large arsenal of inhalation therapy devices on the series «Paris»;
- Herbal medicine and oxygen cocktails using herbs in the treatment of various pathologies (14 items charges);
- Apply methods of acupuncture in the treatment of any disease samoticheskogo using the puncture point and exposure to music therapy;
-Held therapy, segmental, pressure point, the hardware massages.
Relaxation massage with music therapy and pulsed low-frequency current;
- Aromatherapy, which includes hardware, vibration, thermal factor, music (12 different programs depending on the task: relaxation, antitobacco, weight loss, etc.);
- Dry carbonic bath «Reaboks»;
- Cosmetic unit;
- Balneary will surprise you with a variety of real, SPA resort.
In a complex with SPA pleasures, we are pleased to offer all possible physiotherapy based on your request and recommendations of doctors;
- Hydrotherapy of intestines.

Mastered and put into operation:

- 37 laboratory and biochemical research methods;
- 7 functional diagnostic methods (electrocardiography, ECG monitoring, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, the definition of respiratory function, bicycle exercise test, medication and functional electrocardiographic tests);
- 13 methods of ultrasound (echocardiography, GBS, pancreas, kidneys, adrenal glands, uterus and appendages transabdominal and transvaginal, brain, babies and transcranial Doppler, prostate, renal arteries, research vessels, the thyroid gland);
- Consulting psychotherapist and psychotherapeutic interviews to psychological screening of patients for further medical treatment (if necessary) and non-medical (rational, gestalt therapy, neuromuscular relaxation, body-oriented psychotherapy, fairy tale therapy, sand therapy, etc. in the group and individual form).

Medical treatments are available from Monday to Saturday (on Saturday only water and mud), and there are weekend tours.
Treatment of citizens in the sanatorium establishments is carried out on the basis of the outpatient’s card.
For children need help on the absence of contact with infectious patients, treatments are assigned to children from 5 years (required health certificate).

DAY OFF tours are proposed:


- SPA — «Relaxed Mode»
- Speleotherapy
- Underwater shower massage
- Bioptron
- Hypertension 3 tbsp.
- SARS, chronic diseases in acute stage
Service cost:
261 500 bel.rub.

Weight reduction:

- Sharko shower
- Underwater shower massage
- Lymphatic drainage of the lower extremities
- Benign tumors (uterine fibroids, breast disease, nodular goiter);
- Hypertension Article 3 .;
- Chronic diseases in the acute stage.
Service cost:
295 100 bel. rub.

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