If necessary for the clients of our the resort can be arranged MRI – research in 1-2 days

For tourists (staying 12 days or more) if necessary, can be arranged an MRI study in Grodno (on a paid basis) for 1-2 days.

Health is the most valuable resource of modern man. It should be watched with special care. Late diagnosis or lack of treatment can lead to unpleasant consequences, but, unfortunately, due to lack of time, unwillingness to spend precious hours in long lines at clinics to undergo detailed medical examination is not always possible. To check the state of health, to identify the causes of ailments can be directly on the rest.

Resort to MRI in Belarus provides such services. Many are afraid of this abbreviation, but nothing dangerous in it. This procedure due to the magnetic field «shows» the body from the inside out for high-quality images. This diagnosis can be detected early, problems with the spine, tumors, including brain, to diagnose diseases of the ear, heart defects, urogenital system. MRI is not an x-ray, so during the procedure, no harmful effect occurs. Many doctors recommend an MRI to take place once a year in order to know and control the condition of his body, promptly correct nutrition, way of life, preventing more serious problems.

Now you do not need to wait in line for an MRI to look for places where you can pass the examination. Going to rest in our sanatorium, you can enroll at any time and for an additional (quite small) fee to be diagnosed. The results will be known within 48 hours and an experienced qualified professionals and will answer questions that you have.
We are sensitive and respectful to every customer, so we guarantee an individual approach throughout. «Lake» you can relax, forgetting about all problems and difficulties.

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