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You can visit our health resort without a visa up to 15 days from November 10, 2019.


In order to do that you have to send to our e-mail the following information:

  1. scheduled date of entrance to the Republic of Belarus;
  2. number of days of stay in the Republic of Belarus;
  3. scanned passport – page with photo;
  4. choose the international border post you are going to cross entering the Republic of Belarus (to cross the state border of the Republic of Belarus with Poland is possible at border posts Bruzgi (Kuznica Belostockaya), Lesnaya (Rudavka), with Lithuania – at border posts Privalka (Raigardas), Privalka (Shvyandubre), also at Grodno railway station and Grodno airport).

As soon as we get the above mentioned information we make an invitation for you and send it via e-mail..

Pay attention to the fact that an invitation is sent only for people that are going to have rest and stay in health resort “Ozerny” and is free of charge.

You can find out more detailed information about the rules of entrance and stay of foreign citizens on the territory of the Republic of Belarus here.