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Medical treatment in health resort “Ozerny”

Diagnostic and treatment base is situated in administrative-medical building and over 30 modern physiotherapeutic and treatment procedures are held there.

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New effective treatment programmes:

Medical procedures that can be held on weekends:

Consulting physician examines patients from Monday till Sunday.

Notice that prices for additional services for residents and non-residents of Belarus are the same.

Prices for medical services

Treatment stages:

On the basis of health resort “Ozerny” sanatorium-resort treatment stage is carried out:

Grodno Сity Сlinical Hospital of Emergency Care

Grodno Regional Clinical Hospital

City Clinical Hospital №4 Grodno

Grodno Regional Clinical Perinatal Center

Гродненская областная детская клиническая больница

Modern physiotherapeutic and treatment procedures:

Used in work:

Medical treatment in health resort is based on sanatorium and health resort card form.
Children should have doctor’s certificate that they were not in touch with contagious patients, manipulation treatment can be assigned for children only that are 5 years old or older (need health certificate).

Modern approach to treatment in health resort

Health resort “Ozerny” offers not only rest, but also health and immune system promotion. Individual program of rehabilitation, healthy food and fresh air can help regain strength and become full of energy.

Advantages of health improvement in health resort “Ozerny”

High level of comfort is made due to tasty and healthy food, comfortable accommodation, diverse entertainment program.

Therapeutic profile

Patients with diseases of blood circulation organs, diseases of respiratory system, musculoskeletal disorders and disorders of connective tissue from Belarus and other countries are treated in our health resort. Children aged 5 years and older can have a rest in health resort “Ozerny”.

Methods of treatment in health resort

Sanatorium therapy in Belarus is based on complex approach that includes natural therapeutic factors and instrumental therapy. There are over 30 therapeutic methods that help achieve high results.

Health resort “Ozerny” offers a wide range of laboratory tests, ultrasonic diagnosis of all organs, electrocardiography. In our health resort are used different innovative therapeutic methods: physiotherapeutic procedures, water treatment procedures, Nauheim bath and others.

Sanatorium therapy in Belarus includes services of massage therapist, dentist and cosmetologist (for an extra fee). There are programs for patients with overweight and preservation of mental health. Everyone who wishes can visit psychotherapist as an option.

Manipulations are appointed depending on kind of disease and individualities of a person.